Using rancid-apc (apcrancid) module in RANCID 3.8

The tool RANCID from Shrubbery Networks, inc. will login to network switches and get their current configuration, ‘diff’ it against previous configuration, email you with any changes, and save the configuration to a version control system (cvs, svn or git).

Modules can add support for different manufacturers, HP, Arista, Juniper, and many kinds of devices - if it has an SSH, telnet, or ftp interface and can list its configuration to text, it’s probably workable.

APC UPS management cards have network interfaces for monitoring, and APC environment monitoring units have as well, and there is a third party module rancid-apc.tar.gz in their unsupported contrib folder.

It was built for RANCID v 2.x and the newer RANCID 3.x range works differently.

To get it working, I:

  • extracted the .tgz
  • edited the apcrancid file and changed #! /usr/bin/perl5 to #! /usr/bin/perl (find out where perl is with which perl or locate perl)
  • edited the apclogin file and changed #! /usr/local/bin/expect -- to #! /usr/bin/expect --
  • copied both apclogin and apcrancid to /usr/local/rancid/bin/ and make sure they are chmod +x
  • the rancid.fe file has totally changed in v3.x, so don’t copy it over or try to apply the patch.

Instead edit /usr/local/rancid/etc/rancid.types.conf wherever you installed it, and add:


Then add these devices like any other to your routers.db file, with the type apc.

That seems to be enough for this to work with 3.8.

Written on January 10, 2019